About Us

We are Tatanka Rez Tourz, the 2022 winner of the Excellence in Customer Service Tourism awarded by the American Indian Tourism Association. We are the ONLY Native American owned tour company in the state of South Dakota. We live here. We work here. We were raised here. Our extended families are an integral part of the community. We are prepared to share our experience of living here for the last century and a half. Many historical sites are here on the reservation, including the Wounded Knee massacre, which many suggest was the end of the western wars against the Native people. Come with us and walk upon the very ground that Crazy Horse, and Black Elk did.

We are a father and daughter team of passionate, articulate, and knowledgeable guides dedicated to sharing the rich culture and history of the Lakota people. Our passion is to bring understanding that we are all citizens of the same world. Tatanka Rez Tourz started with the dream of providing those who visit the reservation a first-hand personal experience of the lands and peoples that they were traveling through the eye and lives of those of us who live here. All of our visitors receive a heartfelt handshake, a good dose of Native American humor, and our unrivaled expertise.

Our Why

We believe that by sharing the stores and traditions of our people we can foster a greater understanding, appreciation, and respect for the Indigenous culture and in doing so promote much needed cross-cultural exchanges of culture, ideas, ideals, values, understanding, compassion, and acceptance of each other.

Our Focus

Our focus is on providing a unique, authentic, and deeply meaningful experience for our guests, while supporting the economic development and self-determination of the Lakota community.

Our Team

Our team consists of knowledgeable and experienced guides who are members of the local Lakota community and are dedicated to preserving and sharing their cultural heritage.

Tianna Yellowhair


Tianna Yellowhair is the owner of Tatanka Rez Tours. She handles all administrative tasks from providing initial information to building components of the actual tour experience. She is also a knowledgeable and experienced tour guide. She is a prolific and gifted artist. Tianna offers a unique perspective of life on the reservation from a daughter’s, woman’s and mother’s point of view.

Guss Yellowhair

Tour guide specialist

Guss Yellowhair is our tour guide specialist. He was raised and lives on the reservation. Guss is an accomplished artist and speaks fluent Lakota. He has been a faculty member of the reservation college (Oglala Lakota College) teaching the language, history and culture of the Lakota people. He is an honored highly respected elder within the community, and is a much sought-after teacher and keeper of the Lakota language, history, traditions, and culture within the tribe as well as visitors. Guss has a unique talent for blending his experience in the non-native world with his Lakota roots, speaking and sharing from his heart and soul. He lives the experience he offers to guests.

“I can’t recommend the Native American tour enough! Our guide was so knowledgeable and passionate about sharing the culture and history of his people, and it really made the experience come alive. I learned so much and felt truly immersed in the culture. Thank you!”


“I’ve been on a lot of tours, but this one was truly exceptional. From the stunning landscapes to the engaging storytelling, every moment felt like a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It was the perfect mix of education and adventure, and I can’t wait to go back.”


“I booked this tour as a surprise for my husband’s birthday, and it was hands down the best gift I’ve ever given him. We both learned so much about Native American history and traditions, and the whole experience was so well-organized and professional. We’re already planning our next trip!”


Our mission at Tatanka Rez Tourz is to provide an in-depth perception of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and share the history, culture, and demographics of the Oglala Lakota Oyate.

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